About The Spiritual Activist

“This is indeed, a terrible time to be advocating ‘spiritual’ activism.
This is why the time is right.”
A. McIntosh & M. Carmichael, Spiritual Activism

Some people are born activists. Others plummet into it later on in life.   I fall into the latter category but nevertheless draw on the conviction, clarity and strength of those who joined hands in solidarity early on….as well as those whose entrance was much later.

However, whether you were born as one, or emerged as an activist later in life…this website is dedicated to you. In offering it, I humbly have attempted to capture the distress of those who are in the throes of trying to manage as best as they can…while not losing a sense of their call or vocation. This is where the spiritual dimension comes in.

Informing activism through prayer is the assertion, the means and the providential safeguard we call upon.

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