For those Who Resist

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“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest”. Exodus 33:14

Divine Maker, when will we experience your promised rest?   For we are weary and afraid. Those who labor for justice are assailed on every side.  Shallow and self-serving religiosity has replaced our nation’s moral compass, and expediency all too often has the upper hand.   Even slumber at night is elusive and the hope of former years fails us.

In our dismay we cry out, “Have you abandoned us in our hour of need?   

But just as you declared to the one called, Moses, you abide with us always – even in the darkest of hours.  Though overwhelmed and hemmed from every side, you proclaim that in our struggle we find favor in your sight. Indeed, it is by your presence, we are set apart.   You know each of us by name, and even the hairs on our head are counted.

For just as you revealed yourself to Moses, come Divine Maker, again, again and again.   Reveal your mercy, make all your goodness known, lavish your compassion and faithfulness, and restore us once more. So that we may be the seekers and doers of justice that you have summoned us to be. Amen.

Author: Jessica McArdle

These are dark and corrosive times. As a writer and ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, I use prayer, poetry, reflection, and scripture to re-align our embattled spirits with the uniqueness and urgency of our God-given identity and call.

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